Confused about a specific term or acronym?Solve the mysteries of terminology with this informative resource.Updated regularly with industry-specific vocabulary and concepts,术语表提供了易于理解的税务相关术语定义。

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  • ABA/Trans Code一种由美国银行家协会(American Bankers Association)创建的9位数字代码,用于识别雇主的银行和电子交易的路由。

  • 减弱在要求一个机构撤销或取消罚款时最常用的术语。

  • 缺席的父母不与子女同住或没有子女监护权但有经济支持责任的父母。A non-custodial parent.

  • Account Balance支付给雇主SUI账户的所有供款总额减去福利费。账户中的款项不可退还给雇主。

  • AccrualThe recognition of assets,expenses,确定现金价值后的负债或收入;但在转移之前。

  • 胆碱见自动票据交换所。

  • ACH贷记An electronic payment system where an employer initiates a credit against its bank account one day prior to the payment due date,应金融机构的要求。

  • ACH借记An electronic payment system where a company authorizes a debit against its bank account for payments such as payroll taxes.

  • 采集见合并/收购/剥离分析。

  • 附加索赔An additional claim is a notice of new unemployment filed after a series of claims within a benefit year.必须有一个或多个星期的中间就业申请的中断,必须有一个书面的分离。

  • 记录的收件人国家机构将向其发送失业相关信函的地址。关于谁可以作为不同类型文件的记录地址的规定因州而异。一般来说,188bet金宝搏appADP-UCS将作为客户使用UCM和总加税服务的记录地址。188bet金宝搏app

  • 行政程序支持命令由执行机构而不是法院和法官作出和执行的方法。

  • 188bet金宝搏appADP校验An 188bet金宝搏appADP 188bet金宝搏appservice that enables employers to pay their employees with checks drawn on a bank account maintained and reconciled by ADP.

  • 188bet金宝搏appADP® 自动数据处理。(NYSE-188bet金宝搏appADP).

  • Advance Earned Income Credit (AEIC)Payments of earned income credit during the year to employees who expect to be eligible for the credit.Employers make the payments out of federal income,从雇员工资中扣除的社会保险和医疗税。

  • 通知号码银行识别号码。用于直接存款凭证。

  • 信用证通知表明联邦税收存款金额的政府表格或息票。供雇主付款时使用。

  • AE (Account Executive)An 188bet金宝搏appADP associate responsible for converting new clients to ADP's Payroll System and completing the required legal documents for Tax Filing 188bet金宝搏appService clients.

  • AFDCSee Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

  • 税后扣除从雇员工资中扣除的不减少雇员应纳税工资的部分。It is taken out only after all applicable taxes and other deductions have been withheld (e.g.,工会会费,装饰,charitable contributions).

  • AgencyAny governmental taxing authority.

  • 代理银行与ADP有直接工作关系的银行。188bet金宝搏app

  • 扶养儿童家庭(AFDC)Assistance payments made by state welfare agencies to qualifying families who are deprived of financial support by reason of the death,disability,或父母中的一方继续缺席(包括离异)。AFDC is known in many states as ADC (Aid to Dependent Children).

  • Alien居住或访问美国的非美国公民。更多信息可以在外国移民中找到,Payments,以及税收指南。

  • 赡养费一方配偶向另一方支付的款项,通常在合法分居或离婚期间或之后(也称为配偶支持)。See also Support Order

  • Allowable Lien LimitsFederal and state limitations on the amount of an employee's wages that can be attached for a lien

  • 备选基准年(ABY)Claimants unable to establish a valid claim using a regular base period may use an alternate base period of the last four completed quarters.

  • 修正率Once the employer has established an unemployment history,各州每年计算税率。An amended rate notice may be issued to reflect a change in any of the components used in calculating the original tax rate.由于自愿捐款,税率可能发生变化,经验转移,雇主对修订后的季度税务申报的调整;取消福利费和/或收到最初税率通知中出现的因对组成部分提出异议而产生的有利决定。国家立法的变化,approved after the issuance of the original tax rate,may also affect the tax rate.

  • 修正案一份更正后的纳税申报表,旨在取代先前提交的季度或年度纳税申报表。

  • AOC见信用证通知。

  • 申请雇主识别号雇主税务识别号(EIN),已向代理机构申请,但尚未收到。

  • ArrearagesUnpaid child support payments and related assessments owed by a parent who is obligated to pay.

  • Assignment of Support Rights接受公共援助的人同意向国家移交儿童抚养权,包括欠款,由义务母公司支付,以换取AFDC补助金和其他福利。

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)代表金融机构协会行事的联邦储备银行,经营作为直接存款或其他电子支付交易票据交换所的设施(系统);ACH根据协会规则接收和传输条目。Funds moved from bank A to bank B must go through the ACH.

  • 自动驾驶®188bet金宝搏appADP的主要工资处理系统。AutoPay is used in conjunction with 188bet金宝搏appADP products and 188bet金宝搏appservices typically targeted to companies with more than 100 employees.

  • 平均应纳税工资在税率计算日之前的一段特定时期内,雇主应纳税工资额的平均值。